Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 41st Birthday Susie!

Today our beautiful sister Susie would have been 41 years old...she absolutely LOVEd her birthday with child-like delight and everyone always made sure she had a big delicious bday cake to mark the occasion! I know sooo many of you miss her, she was such an amazing person....I thank God everyday for the gift her life was to me and so many others. Thanks for your notes and emails as the two year mark rolled around and now Sue's birthday. We will miss her and remember her with so many many amazing memories....We LOVE you Sue, today and always!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Years....

I cannot believe two years has gone by since our beloved sister, daughter, wife, auntie has passed from this world to eternity. So many prayers & tears, so much hope and loss. Thanks for those of who remembered today was the 2nd anniversary of Susie's death to breast cancer. Those of us whose lives she touched and made such a difference will never be same, but it is true, as time goes you learn to live with the *new reality* of a life without Sue...never the same, the sky is never as blue, the sun never as sunny...but Sue will forever and ever live in my heart and memory. I am so thankful for the gift her life was and the way she touched my life. I will miss and love you Sue!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Breast Cancer Memorial Fund thru Susan G Komen in Sue's Name

As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I set up a Memorial Fund through Susan G Komen in Sue's name to raise funds for breast cancer research honoring Sue's name & memory! I will post the link below and our goal is to raise $2,000.00 this month!! Thanks for all your donations in the past and I hope this message finds you all doing well despite the economic crisis and health scares!! Have a beautiful fall & I continue to think of all as I remember my sister Sue many times daily and the impact you all had on her life!

xxoo Kaylee

My dad's note

A Poem of Loss…

Just for a moment we held in our hands a gift so precious, so rare.
Just for a moment we beheld with our eyes her face so lovely, so fair.
Just for a moment her sensitive touch; just for a moment Her lyrical songs;
Just for a moment she really was here. With us, where she belongs.

Just for a moment we heard with our ears her laughter thrilling the air.
The echoes are lingering still; They always will.

Now, just for a moment she lives in our hearts cherished with tenderest care.
For as long as we live, for as long as we love, she will always be there.

I received this poem from a letter called the Lifeline that my daughter kaylees church sends out daily.
It touch my heart very deeply and is so beautiful and describes my feelings for my lovely Susan. I
hope you find this as beautiful as I have. Best personal regards to all of Sues friends and work partners,
I think of you everyday and thank you for all your kindness.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Susie!

I can not sleep and I lit a candle for Sue at midnight. She would have been 40 today...our big joke always was when she was 40 I would almost be 50 (well I am 46!!) but close enough! We always said we would never be that old, but I never imagined my life without Susie....and it is challenging for sure. She could make you think all was well and everything would be ok and I miss that. Anyway, happy Susie in Heaven!! Just know your big sister got you  your fave bday cake today and that I am eating it in your honor! Love you and miss you forever and ever...Kaylee

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Share Your Favorite Memory of Sue!!

Greetings- I also thought on this one year, it would be nice to share our favorite memories of Sue!! I am in the process of turning this blog into a book, and thought that would be fun to have in it!! Thanks and I hope all of you who have loved, prayed for and cared about Sue are all doing great. Bless You all. Kaylee

One My Favorite Memories of  Sue:

Susie always liked to play little tricks and jokes on her fave people, and one of her favorite things to do to ME was to send my kids things she knew would freak me out!! The last thing she did was for Alex's birthday, she came across a man selling alligators (dried) and alligator heads, very homedone taxidermy, and she bought a head, wrapped it up and sent it to Alex for his bday, he opened his package excitedly as it was rom Sue and he knew it would be different and special, and it sure WAS!! It stunk, and as he unwrapped a real alligator head, he was sooooo happy, I couldnt believe it!! I was so mad!! HAHAHA, thinking about it now makes me laugh again!! She knew I would be and that Alex would love it so much I would have to let him have the bacteria ridden smelly head!! I miss those surprise packages....


Greetings Everyone..

I am staying up tonite late in honor of Sue;s death one year ago....I have lit a candle in her honor and said a prayer foe her as I do so many times daily since she has passed. I thank you so much for all of your care, thoughts, cards and messages over the course of the last year and has really made a difference to know how special Sue was to YOU!! 

I have learned so much in the last year it is hard to put into words...but I will try!

1. People are your treasure, not your job, home, cool purse etc..
2. This has given me newfound empathy I already thought I had but didnt til understood how the loss of someone significant impacts your life..
3. Thankfulness in the face of great loss.... that is what has sustained me, finding something daily to thank God for!! And I have....
4. Family/Friends.....we all cannot by with the hard times without them, so thank you one and all...

I still miss my little Susie more than ever, I just have grown used to the hole in heart as a result of her passing. I am eternally grateful to everyone for all of your love & support! I pray for blessings for each of you!

xoxo Kaylee